Glomera versteegii J.J.Sm.

Glomera versteegii J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg, 2(13):59 (1914) – Type: Pulle (Versteeg) 2428 (syntype, L); 2441 (syntype, BO; isosyntype, L)

Growth form Epiphyte, up to 42 cm high. Rhizome not seen. Root filiform, flexible, glabrous. Stem branched, cylindric, patent, filiform, proliferously leafed, internodes 0.40-2.3 cm long. Leaf linear-lanceolate, patent; apex obliquely obtuse; base cuneate;  lamina 1.1-1.75 cm long, 0.24-0.28 cm wide; sheath tight, tubular, strongly warty; apex toothed, with bristled margin, bristle 0.15-0.5 cm long. Inflorescences terminal, one-flowered, when young enveloped by a spathe. Spathe rounded quadrangular, transparent, glabrous, 0.55-0.8 cm long, 0.39-0.6 cm wide, 1-nerved, apex acuminate, with brown dots, sparsely warty; floral bracts elliptic-ovate, thin, transparent, apex obtuse, apiculate, with brown dots, 0.6-0.8 cm long, 0.6 cm wide, 1-nerved. Flower upright, when spread 1.7 cm wide. Median sepal elliptic-ovate, 3-nerved, apex obtuse, shortly obtusely apiculate, 0.93 cm long, 0.43 cm wide. Lateral sepal obliquely ovate, slightly falcate, 3-nerved at base, apex obtuse, shortly obtusely apiculate, base shortly connate, angular-dilated along the front margin at the base, 0.65-0.90 cm long, 0.35-0.57 cm wide. Petals lanceolate, 3-nerved, convex, apex obtuse, 0.93 cm long, 0.25 cm wide. Lip broadly cucullate, base adnate to the column, broadly triangular, 9-nerved, 0.46 cm long, including the spur almost 1.25 cm long, 0.8 cm wide; epichile obtuse, with brown glands; hypochile truncate, basal angles rounded, thickened, spurred; spur appressed the ovary, oblong, above in front ventricose, apex obtuse, 0.77 cm long. Column short, in basal half adnate to the lip, dorsally convex, apex broadly rounded and crenate; clinandrium broadly rounded; stelidia obtuse, tooth-like. Anther not seen; rostellum not seen; stigma not seen; pollinia not seen; viscidium not seen. Ovary cylindrical, 1 cm long, glabrous. Capsule not seen.

Distribution – Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Habitat and Ecology - Epiphyte in upper montane forest.  Altitude 1575-3400 m. Flowering in February, September and October in the wild.

Notes - 1. Flowers greenish white or yellowish green.

 2. The epithet versteegii refers to the collector of the type specimen, G.M. Versteeg.

4. Specimen observed : Pulle (Versteeg) 2428.