Glomera secunda J.J.Sm.

Glomera secunda  J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg 3(10): 130 (1928) - Type : L. Rutten 1487; 2251 (syntype BO, L)

Growth form Epiphyte, up to 85 cm high. Rhizome not seen. Root filiform, flexible, glabrous. Stem long, branched, rigid, rooting, subcylindrical, 0.3 cm in diameter, flexible, in cross section transversely elliptic, 0.125-0.2 cm wide, branches patent, entirely covered with leaf sheaths,  proliferously leafed, internodes 2.75 cm long, upper  part 1-2 cm long. Leaf sessile, erect-patent, base slightly twisted, linear, narrowed towards apex, grooved above, keeled, with prominent ribs when dried, thick leathery; apex oblique, unequally 2-lobed, shorter acute, longer obtuse; base rounded; lamina 5.25-7.25 cm long, 0.6-0.725 cm wide; sheath tubular, longer than internodes, transversely warty; apex toothed, with glabrous margin. Inflorescences multi-flowered, sessile, capituliform, nodding, secund, rachis recurved, long, 0.6-0.7 cm long, with flower 1.6-2.2 cm long, when young enveloped by a spathe. Spathe suborbicular, acuminate, concave, 1.6 cm long, 1.5 cm wide; floral bracts oblong-elliptic, slightly acuminate, acute, concave, 3-nerved, thin, transparent, 0.9 cm long, 0.325 cm wide. Flower upright or upside-down, 0.8 cm long, 0.525 cm wide, sepal and petal connate, more or less spreading. Median sepal ovate-subovate, concave, apex narrowly obtuse, apex recurved convex, 3-nerved, 0.6 cm long, 0.35 cm wide. Lateral sepal front part connate up to two fifth of the total length, oblique-subobovate, apex obtuse to subobtuse, concave, 0.56 cm long, up to apex of the sac 0.66 cm long, 0.35 cm wide; mentum reversed, slightly truncate, 0.15 cm long, 0.33 cm wide. Petal elliptic, concave, 3-nerved, apex obtuse, 0.55 long, 0.3 cm wide. Lip base adnate to the column, up to apex of the ovary 0.4 cm, free part 0.325 cm, up to spur 0.475 cm long, 0.225 cm wide, porrect, twice as long as the column, making an obtuse angle with the spur, base concave, upper part subconvex with inconspicuous longitudinal keel, quadrangular, front margin slightly dilated; epichile rounded; hypochile with conspicuous transverse thickened keel, spurred; spur reversed, appressed to the ovary, subovate, rounded, convex, 0.2 cm long, 0.2 cm wide. Column curved, dorsally convex, upper part slightly dilated, 0.24 cm long; clinandrium triangular, rear lobe obtuse triangular with irregular margin; stelidia oblique triangular, acute, front margin recurved, rear margin irregular. Anther cucullate, transverse ovate-obreniform, obtuse-angled, retuse, lobe rounded, margin slightly narrowed, base conical-thickened, rear longitudinally furrowed, 0.125 cm wide; rostellum conspicuous, wide, as long as stelidia, obtuse-angled, 2-lobed; stigma with transverse front margin, rounded, concave. Ovary sessile, slightly thick, cylindrical, 6-ribbed, 0.3 cm long. Capsule not seen.

Distribution - Indonesia, Seram.

Habitat and Ecology - Epiphyte in montane forest on limestone of Mt. Murkele and Mt. Makina. Altitude 1000-2500 m. Flowering in May and July in the wild.

Notes - 1.Flowers white with yellow lip.

3. The epithet secunda refers to the secund arrangement of the flowers in the inflorescences (secund means arranged on one side of the axis only in Latin).

4. Specimen observed: L. Rutten 1487  (L 0043484); 2251 (L 0043485).