Glomera rubroviridis J.J.Sm.

Glomera rubroviridis J.J.Sm., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg 2(13):57 (1914)3- Type: Pulle 1055 (holotype, B lost; isotype L)

Growth form Epiphyte, up to 34 cm high. Rhizome not seen. Roots filiform, flexible, glabrous. Stem long, pendulous, laterally compressed, flexuose, proliferously leafed, completely covered by leaf sheaths, internodes 1.1-1.5 cm long. Leaf narrowly ovate-lanceolate, patent, gradually narrowed towards apex, longitudinally grooved, when dried black-punctate, carnose; apex strongly obliquely narrowly obtuse; base shortly narrowed, conduplicate, half-twisted; lamina 2.8-3.2 cm long, 0.67 cm wide; sheath tubular, compressed, flattened and having two edges, punctate; apex without tooth, with glabrous margin. Inflorescences terminal, few-flowered, capitate, when young enveloped by a spathe. Spathe broadly obovate, concave, punctate, 6-nerved, apex acute, conduplicate, 1.1 cm long, 1 cm wide; floral bracts transparent, thin, subovate, strongly concave, 3-nerved, apex narrowed, obtuse, 0.9 cm long. Flowers upright, glabrous, sepals and petals thin with silver spots. Median sepal ovate-oblong, apex obtuse, dorsally shortly obtusely apiculate, 3-nerved, 0.46-0.5 cm long, 0.23-0.25 cm wide. Lateral sepals shortly adnate to the base of the median sepals, decurrent on the column-foot, beyond the apex of column foot free from the lip but sub saccate-connate, obliquely ovate-triangular, slightly falcate, apex conduplicate-acuminate, obtuse, 4-nerved, 0.55 cm long, in front 0.84 cm long, whole synsepal at base 0.6 cm wide. Petal oblong-elliptic, sub obovate, apex obtuse, 3-nerved, 0.40.-0.45 cm long, 0.15-0.26 cm wide. Lip at base shortly adnate to the column, when flattened 0.5 cm long, blade recurved, triangular, obtusely angled, 5-nerved, 0.16 cm long, 0.28 cm wide; epichile obtuse, without brown glands; hypochile thickened in cross-ridge, spurred; spur oblong, back wall for c. two-thirds of basal part consisting of column foot, apex free, obtuse, 0.33-0.35 cm long, 0.15 cm wide. Column  0.18 cm long, glabrous, at base adnate to the lip, apex broadly obtuse; clinandrium one-lobes, obtuse; stelidia obtuse. Anther not seen; pollinia not seen; stigma  with lower margin strongly elongated, concave; viscidium not seen. Ovary cylindrical, glabrous, with brown dots, 0.65-0.7 cm long. Capsule not seen.

Distribution – Indonesia.

Habitat and Ecology - Epiphyte in upper montane forest. Altitude 3000 m. Flowering in February in the wild.

Notes -  1. Flowers light green with a lip with a red tip.

2. The epithet rubroviridis  refers to the color of the flower: green with red.

3. Specimen observed: Pulle 1055.