Glomera elegantula (Schltr.) J.J.Sm.

Glomera elegantula (Schltr.) J.J.Sm., Bull. Dép. Agric. Indes Néerl. 15:28 (1928)- Type:  Schlechter 14038 (holotype, B lost; isotype K, P)

Glossorhyncha elegantula  Schltr., in K. Schum. & Lauterb., Nachtr. Fl. Deustch. Schutzgeb. Südsee 130 (1905)


Growth form Epiphyte, up to 20 cm high. Rhizome ca. 1 cm in diameter. Roots filiform, long,  flexible, glabrous. Stem  decumbent, branching, cylindrical, slender, branches rooting, straight or slightly flexuose, completely covered by leaf sheaths, internodes 0.4-1 cm long. Leaf patent, linear-lanceolate to lanceolate-ligulate, coriaceous; apex unequal 2-lobed; lamina 0.5-0.8 cm long, 0.15-0.25 cm wide; sheath raised veins, with round warts; apex toothed, with glabrous margin. Inflorescences terminal, one-flowered, sessile, when young enveloped by a spathe. Spathe not seen; floral bracts cucullate, hardly longer than the ovary, thin. Flowers upright or upside-down, glabrous, 0.7 cm across. Median sepal oblong, 0.6 cm long, 0.25 cm wide, apex acute. Lateral sepals falcate, 0.4 cm long, 0.3 cm wide, apex subacuminate, deflexed, slightly coherent along the inner margins. Petal erect-patent, obovate, 0.53 cm long, 0.28 cm wide, apex obtuse. Lip ovate-oblong, 0.25 cm long; epichile narrowly obtuse; hypochile spurred; spur saccate, 0.25 cm long, obtuse. Column 1.3 mm long, with column foot elongated, deflexed; clinandrium large, entire; stelidia not seen. Anther orbicular, apex ascending, narrowly obtuse, 2.1 mm long, 1.5 mm wide; rostellum not seen; stigma not seen; pollinia 4, obliquely obovoid, 1.3 mm long ; viscidium absent. Ovary cylindrical, slight curved, 2.1 mm long. Capsule not seen.

Distribution –Indonesia, Papua New Guinea.

Habitat and Ecology - Epiphyte in montane forest. Altitude 1700 m. Flowering in January in the wild.

Notes -  1. Flowers white with two purple spots at the tip of the lip.

2. The epithet  elegantula refers to  small and elegant character of the flowers.

3. Specimen observed:  K000810773 (isotype).